daniel wood

This is a pencil resting on a sharpener. It’s supposed to indicate how sharp my mind can be, but also how fragile the point normally is. Notice also the bite marks on it. My mind is frequently gnawed at.


About Dan

I don’t always refer to myself in the 3rd person but it seems to make people laugh. You catch people off guard when you do that; before they know it, they’re agreeing to all kinds of contracts with you.

Oh and I can write reasonably well.

Happy to provide a portfolio if asked.

If you’re a non-profit that needs help with writing and/or communications strategy, contact me to see if I’m free to help out.

See What Dan Can do

Coming soon

I’m so cool. Not my laptop.

real soon

Such nonchalance. Expensive notebooks.

For real

Much wow. My specs never leave my face.


Henry McDonald


“If he were to ever finish that book he’s been writing for years, I’d definitely be second in line to buy it.”

Gene Nguyen


“Impatient, harsh, frustrating, arrogant, careless. Just some of the writer qualities I found strangely lacking in Dan.”

Jordan Murphy


“Dan’s good with words but his eye for photography is nothing short of captivating.”

Allison Morgan


“Dan doesn’t have a large vocabulary. And he somehow turns it into a major strength.”