pen for hire

I can write


I spent the majority of my professional career as a reporting specialist for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, setting up and developing data collection, monitoring and reporting systems in disaster relief operations. Formal writing for periodic reports, evaluations, and grants/proposal, as well as informal storytelling narratives for communication purposes.

I am also an experienced ghostwriter, writing long-form content and OpEd pieces in the blockchain/innovation industry since 2016, sourcing original crypto-related exclusives, especially related to human interest angles (which is my specialty!).

I’m a capable journalist as well, having written hundreds of original features and exclusives across various beats, including crime, politics, and business for an English daily in a country with extreme media sensitivies.

communication strategy

I can direct


I believe that your communication should always carry your cause. Writing copy and creating content isn’t just about being seen or heard, but about identifying with the people you serve or the customers you want.


“Even in a formal report, you should still make the reader feel something.”


I can teach

I have experience working in environments where skill and expertise can be limited — often an excuse for organisations that find it challenging to build up new capacity. That’s not a big issue for me.

I’ve set up a news bureau in under a year, reporting systems in areas with literacy problems, trained journalists from non-writing backgrounds.

Writing, journalism, news sourcing, data collection — these are highly teachable skills that just need the right kind of attitudes. It’s a matter of pride for me to see people I’ve recruited and trained for various writing roles at better jobs and positions than I ever had.